When You Feel Like You Are Missing Games

Like Games

When you feel like you are missing games on your computer, you don’t know what to play, or you want to try something new, flash games can come handy in those times. Flash games are games that don’t need any kind of installation process nor specific launcher, all you need to have is your preferred web browser and whatever plugin the game demands you to install (though almost all of them have a size of around a few megabytes so with a decent internet you won’t have any problems with them).

They come in all variants and genres, going from Adventure, strategy, action to just a puzzle or a platform jumping game. A lot of them are also in the RPG genre, and have multiplayer modes where you can interact with other people, farm and gather recourses and scale up in the leaderboards to become the best player. The most advanced games can even include 3D graphics, but at the end the dominant format is a 2D environment.

Flash games are called like that because most of them are coded using HTML with the Adobe Flash programming environment , and you have to install the latest version of the Adobe Flash plugin in order to be able to run these group of games. But currently a process to eliminate this language from the internet is undergoing due to it being too obsolete for today’s technology. To replace it, games nowadays are written in JavaScript or PHP, much more modern programming languages with more versatility and less clunkiness, but unfortunately most of the old games will be lost forever unless the original creator rewrites them in a new language.

If you have a low-end computer, or you are fed up with the insane download times of Triple A games, then maybe you should give flash games a try at webpages.