How to Copy Flash Player Games

Play Flash Games

Flash games are another staple to the gaming industry that require no hardware download. Web based browser games that utilizes a flash players have been out since the start in 1995 and it continues to grow till this day. Games are getting bigger and more demanding even costing millions and millions of dollars to create and produce. Time for all of us is precious and big downloads forces us to take a hit on that time. Everything and everywhere you go, computer devices are getting more portable by the second. Tablets, cellphones, pocket PC’s, detachable laptops, mini PC’s, to even USB drives that act as a PC. Also, with gaming consoles you are confined to the television because you need a display to load the image, not to mention files bigger than 50GB+.

This is where flash games come into play, for people that just want a quick and almost instant game to start. Based on a flash browser software profile that you have, flash games are a fast and easy to load per the online default browser you are using, but not everyone is always online. What about the offline users and what do we do to fit everyone’s needs? How about copying flash player games to your computer? It can be done and you can take your games everywhere your computer goes without an online connection. Using chrome here are the steps to copy flash player games:

Using Google Chrome, visit any of the flash player game websites that you are interested in and find the game you want to play. Load the game but don’t start the game and tap the settings menu in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Scroll down to more tools and select the developer tools to open up the developer tools pop-out Window. Left-click the box/mouse cursor icon in the upper left-hand corner in the developer tools pop-out window. Left-click on the game that you have loaded, but do not click to play the game. On the keyboard tap the Ctrl+F to open up the search bar at the bottom of the developer tools pop-out window and type in SWF. Find the SWF link and right-click to open the link in a new window tab and at a brief point the file down-loader will appear on your computer. Wait for the SWF file to download in which it will automatically start. Last but not least is the fun part, opening your SWF file to load the game and now you have it fully copied to your PC without any online necessary needed to play. 

With this step by step instruction you should be able to copy all of the flash player games you want in an unlimited fashion. Build your own library on your computer and enjoy the fruits of instant offline play. When you have played out the games you have copied to your PC, head back and repeat the instructions to get new games added.