Fireboy And Watergirl Video Game Review

Today you can find lots of free to play video games online and for cell phones. Many of these games use adds to make the game profitable to the Developers. One such game is Fireboy And Watergirl, it has both an online and cell phone app version that is free-to-play but does have adds.

Description of the game.

Fireboy and Watergirl is a free online and cellphone app video game. It is a platform game consisting of two characters, each of which is based are the two opposite classical elements of water and fire. Each character will be killed by the other’s element and green slime that killed them both. It consists of multiple levels with obstacles, that they can only get past by working together. In the online version, they have separate controls but in the cell phone app, the controls need to be switched between them, making the cell phone version harder to play. The result is that they need each other to get through the levels of the game.

Description of characters.

The game’s two characters are based on the two classical elements of fire and water. One is called Fireboy and looks like a flame. He can go through the pits of lava in the game and pick up the red gems but is killed by water. The other is called Watergirl and looks like a drop of water. She can go through the pools of water in the game and pick up the blue gems but is killed by the lava pits. Unfortunately, no back story or relationship is provided for them.

Playing the game.

Playing the game takes Watergirl and Fireboy past traps, obstacles, levers, and switches. In the online version, two people can play the game together, with each taking one character or the other but this is impossible in cell phone apps. The key to playing this game is figuring out which character needs to do what, and which way each should go. While it is a rather simple platforming game, it is still quite challenging.

The quality of the game.

Fireboy and Watergirl is a fun little platforming game that is admittedly somewhat addictive. However, being addictive is characteristic of a good game. The characters are unique and interesting even if they do have backstories. The only real downside is the fact that you have to control two different characters, making it harder to get the hang of the game. However, given that this one downside adds to challenge and fun it is not much of a downside. Overall, this is a good enjoyable in a challenging game that has the potential of providing hours of fun.